Your Voice Out Loud

I'm always a sucker for movies that are different and are based from books. It's also an added bonus when those stories are based on someone's personal experience that are real. I used to write only when I felt like I had something to say because I felt like if you said something it should have meaning. I've since changed that not only because I feel like some conversation are lost and needed to be put down on paper but also because writing is the best way for myself to vent my frustrations with life. But when it comes to my writing, I remember thinking that the voice in my writing wasn't good enough. But maybe I just need someone to read it out loud. I need someone to read my words back to me to see if they are any good. I feel as if sometimes I am myself a hyperbole. I believe actions always speak louder than words and I act this way, but yet I constantly find myself writing out my thoughts and writing out my ideas. It's not as if I'm afraid to discuss what my thoughts and ideas are to people but it's as if I haven't found anyone who is willing to listen. I more or less feel like I am fighting myself to bite my tongue instead of thinking "oh I wish I would have said."

I guess the whole point of writing is that somehow it will affect someone on some level. I constantly try and learn about new writers and new celebrity writers and poets of the past. They all seem to have their own style and when people read their work they seem to elicit such great emotion and response from their work. I think that is the dreams of everyone who puts thoughts down on paper. I am by no means an extraordinary man at this point in my life. I can only hope to be one day. I can only hope that what I write and what happens to be read is cherished by those who happen to know who I was at that moment in time and can relate to what they are going through and helps them along. I woke up from a dream one morning and thought I didn't need to coach, or be married, or even have a kid if I could just be that old man sitting in a rocking chair every day and the kids in the neighborhood came up to me and told me their stories and I passed on my knowledge to their generation. Sadly it's too bad that our society is not like that anymore. It's hard to find real community anymore and children don't look up to elderly people anymore. I think that's why online communities are so contagious. We find what we are looking for now through the internet.
April 15th, 2013 at 05:36am