Wow, read these questions because of course erryone wants to know more about me.

like 4'9..short people holla'

Shoe Size:

Sexual Orientation:

Do You Smoke?:

Do You Drink?:

Do You Take Drugs?:

Age You Get Mistaken For:
sigh, like middle-school age.

Do You Have Tattoos?:

Do You Want Any?:
helllll yeah

Do You Have Any Piercings?:
noise, ears, cartilage

Want Any Piercings?:
another cartilage yeah

Best Friend:
a non-mibbian named crissy.

Relationship Status:
on that single floww~

Biggest Fears:
heights, clowns, the dark I guess, eerie silence....and I can't think of any more.

A Fact About My Personality:
I shamelessly classify myself as a wallflower and most of my friends agree.

What I Love About Myself:
I'm sort of funny....I guess.

Description Of The Guy I Like:
and that's not even close to being them all

Where I Work:

What I Hate The Most About School:

Last Text Message Says:
lovely twitter updating me on AmazingPhil's life.

What Words Upset Me The Most:
too much pressure I don't know.

Where I Would Like To Live:
In my dreams, South Korea. Practically, Florida.

My Childhood Career Choice:

Who I Wish I Could Be:
A famous person just so I could meet other famous people.

Grab the book nearest to you. What is the first sentence of the third paragraph on the sixth page?
Vicki Lancaster and Carr Goodwin were standing in front of the marble-y counter with a few of their friends, sipping from cans.

Poster Nearest To You:
A Jay park one above my computer ::yah:

What Was The First CD You Bought:
Like a Britney Spears one, I don't remember.

What Was The First Song You Heard Of Your Favorite Band:
Replay- SHINee

What Was The First Album You Bought From Your Favorite Band:
none I'm too poor.

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?:
spending hours on the computer looking at kpop related things/watching too many dramas ::crazy:

How Would You Murder Your Victims?:
push 'em down the stairs then get rid of the body.

What Would You Do If You Were A Ghost?:
Stalk my oppas.::P:

What Is A Super Power You Wish You Had?:
Invisiblity or flight....::think:

What Is Something You Do From Your Daily Routine?:
Listen to music, stalk asian men on the computer.

What Is An Instrument You Hated Playing?:
never played an instrument wahaha.

Where Would You Time Travel To And What Would You Do There?:
Oh god, um...Jurassic Park(but not one being killed, of course.)

Favorite Things To Put In A Sandwhich?:
cheese, some type of meat and mayo??

Favorite Object In Your Room?:
computer, bed, posters.

Favorite Shoe You Own?:
these swaggie sandals.

Favorite Band Member?:
NOPE AHAHAH. ::cheese:

Favorite Song By Favorite Artist?:
Artist wise - Joah by Jay Park or Love Blossom by K.Will.

Favorite Ship To Hate?:
I'm not one to sink ships.

Favorite Memory?:
too much pressure man, I don't know.

I'm so interesting, right?::lmfao:
April 18th, 2013 at 12:34am