2 More Weeks! + The Band Wagon, We've Broken It

Mood: Sleepy, but needing to get things done.
Working On: This blog, Design I family crest project
Music: 1. Pour Me by Hollywood Undead
2. No Place Like Home by Marianas Trench
3. Fell Down a Hole by Wolfmother
4. A Day Without Rain by Enya
5. Try by Natasha Bedingfield
6. And All Things Will End by Avenged Sevenfold

So, two weeks left of school, and I am more than ready for it to be over. I've got three projects, one final, a paper for one of said projects. To top that off, I work part time, this ought to be fun.


Shoe Size:
5 1/2 - 6

Sexual Orientation:

Do you Smoke?

Do you Drink?
Very rarely. Last time I drank was a few sips from a Smirnoff at MegaCon back in March. Before that I got drunk for the first time at a campout in October, that was fun. The long house was Gondor, and we were riding for Gondor (something I screamed as I ran/galloped towards it). Had a guy hit on me, he still sort of does, but I feign ignorance, because that's just what I do when a guy hits on me, especially if I am dating someone.

Do you Take Drugs?
No. I've done Mary-J-Uane in the past, but that's the extent of my drug abuse.

Age you get mistaken for?
12, 13, 15, or 16. 12 and 13?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? I'm almost 20 and that's jut straight up insulting.

Have Tattoos?
Not yet.

Want any tattoos?
I do indeed. I've got a project in design one to create a family or personal crest. I think I may want to get said crest tattooed on me some day. Not sure where yet.

Got any Piercings?:

Want any piercings?:
Maybe my belly button some day...

Best friend?:
My boyfriend. Kinda wish I had a girl best friend. :/

Relationship status:
Happily Taken

Biggest fears:
Dying, spiders, losing people

A fact about your personality:
I'm quiet most of the time, but around people I feel comfortable with I can get loud and obnoxious.

What I love most about myself:
I love that no matter what I just can't give up on anyone.

A description of the girl/boy I like:
Not the most attractive boy, but he's adorable. He loves me for me and cares about me a lot. He loves to cuddle, but is aggravating. He's not perfect and we do argue a lot, but I love him still the same.

Where I work:
A restaurant as a cashier. Such a fun job. I just love it.

What I hated the most about school:
How disconnected I am with people that aren't in my classes. I talk to people, but we never seem to click enough to stay in contact or hang out outside of school.

What my last text message says:
"Go with me to ...?"

What words upset me the most:
You're fat. You look ugly with glasses. Look at that turkey belly. etc.

What words make me feel the best about myself:
I love you. You're beautiful. You're my angel.

Where I would like to live:
Scotland, England, Germany, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, a lot of places.

My childhood career choice:
Writer. It's always been, writer.

Who I wish I could be:
Emma Watson. lol jk I love her though. She's absolutely amazing and I admire her greatly. But no, I like me for me, even if I hate myself sometimes.

Grab the book nearest to you. What is the first sentence of the third paragraph of the 6th page?:
"When my mother left us, she took only a black suit, a pair of jeans, a red silk blouse, her jewels and five pairs of shoes."

I have a book on top of it as well, so this also:
Isaac and I communicated almost exclusively through sighs.

What is the poster nearest to you?:
Avenged Sevenfold.

What was the first CD you bought?:
I don't remember...

What was the first song you heard of your favorite band?:
Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold

What was the first album you bought from your favorite band?:
Take Me Home by One Direction. My best friend bought the first one, I bought the second one. Who knows who will by the next.

What is your guilty pleasure [movie, book, song]?:
Movie- None
Book- None
Song- Stay by Rhianna

What would you do if you were a ghost?:
Probably scare people.

What is a super power you wish you had?:

What is something from your daily routine?:
Mibba :)

What is your biggest unpopular opinion?:
I actually don't like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, at all. Thirty-five pages in and it still hasn't hooked me.

What is an instrument you hated playing?:
None, because I never played. Tried the guitar, but music playing isn't for me.

Where would you time travel to and what would you do there?:
Pompei. I just want to see what the city was like before the disaster then teleport to the highest point out of the reach of the lava and watch it unfold like in that one episode of Doctor Who.

Favorite: Things to put in a sandwich?:

Favorite: Object in your room?:
Bed. Desk.

Favorite: Shoe you own?:
None of them are my favorite.

Favorite: Band member?:
Zacky Vengeance, yummy.

Favorite: Song by favorite artist?:
I don't know anymore...

Favorite: Memory?:
My boyfriend and I's first kiss in a McDonalds' parking lot.
April 18th, 2013 at 04:05am