Back from Mibba hiatus, idea for promoting unpopular stories, and thoughts and prayers.

I’ve been seeing images of the bombings Boston and the explosion in West and it is absolutely heartbreaking and I feel awful for everyone affected in both areas. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with everyone that has been affected.

This is the first time I’ve been on mibba in close to two weeks and I have a good excuse. I’ve been incredibly busy. Between work, stuff that I’ve needed to get done, and just feeling like crap I haven’t felt much like doing anything on the computer. But I’m back today and I have a new idea. I started trying to get involved with the effort to help stories in unpopular fandoms get some love but I quickly fell off the mibba map. I did post a blog promoting some stories but I, like a dummy, forgot about the minimum word requirement and it was deleted. So I apologize for that.

As much as I’d like to help on here to get stories recognized I’ve realized that I don’t have a ton of free time anymore. Between work and other responsibilities my free time is usually dedicated towards writing my own stories or catching up on sports related news. But I think I have an idea for a way to help people try and get their stories out there. A tumblr blog! That way people can submit their own stories there and they can show up individually and then I can also put them in a list with other stories in the same fandom. And because you can view a tumblr blog even if you’re not a member, others from Mibba can still go there if they’re looking for a new story to read as long as they’re given a link. I think this would be an easier way to compile a larger collection of stories in one place without it having to be reposted that often. So what do you guys think of that idea?

I’ve had one name pop into my mind and I can’t decide if it’s a good one or not so I need your opinions. What do you think of “For the Love of the Unpopular Stories” as a blog title?
April 18th, 2013 at 11:08pm