Just Recommend Me Your Stories!

Bonjour~! Alice here! c:

Today's blog is rather short, and will be severely lacking in all things cute emoji (I know, I know T.T) but that's because there's only one real point to it.

Tonight I'm pulling an all-nighter.
Because my friend and I decided we would, and we're weird, I suppose. xD

I have to finish this one show, but there's only 2 episodes left, and I have all night.
This is where my dilemma occurs. c:

That's why I need your help, Mibba people!
My request?
Please recommend me some stories to read on Mibba! Or on any site, really, just something to read. :3

What I'm interested in:
- slash, of course, of course~!
- romantic comedies (het and not!)
- cute fluff, teen-y type things
- sterek

Be it completed, on-going, on this site or another, yours or someone else's, recommend!
What are your favorite stories on Mibba?
Tell me!
I need something to read :o
I'm desperate here!

I'm also going to continue writing The Big Bang Theory in My Pants which already has 834 words typed up, huzzah!
Recc/sub~! <3

That's all I really have to say, I'd really appreciate any sort of response, thank you!
Au reviour!
And have a dandy day~! <3
April 24th, 2013 at 04:01am