Road Trip Blog #12 (Virginia Mountains)

We made a trip into Virginia officially a few days ago. We stayed at a really nice hotel for two days. I wish we could have stayed there longer because we had a living room, kitchen, and even two solo bedrooms. I got my best night sleep there from this entire trip. We got to watch the NFL draft and had a good time watching the first round during the evening. I made sure to take advantage of the kitchen because now we are staying in Roanoke, VA and are back to our basic two beds in a room with a TV, desk fridge, and microwave.

The town of Roanoke is puzzling to me. There are parts of it that are very commercial and it has a large mall with a ton of food places, but then you take a different road and your next to some abandoned board up house. I went on a stroll yesterday around the area and was very disappointed. I looked up three used book stores and none of them existed in the places I was given. I ended up buying a book at Barnes & Nobles because I had a gift card that had been in my wallet for probably more than a year.

Fred's girlfriend is visiting for the 2nd time on this trip. The spot we are in Virginia is only three hours away from where he is living from what he tells me so It's not surprising that she would come for a visit. From the best of my knowledge she has a new job that hasn't started yet and essentially been moving into a new house and not doing much. I'm not quite sure how she has lucked out so well at 23. She has like a grown up real job and will be making more than 40,000 by this time next year. I am envious of this fact since my mother doesn't even make this amount of cash and she's almost in her 60's.

The times I've met her she seems nice and friendly but it's just the little things that bother me about her. I don't like people that are not realistic about life. She always seems too bubbly and the way she talks about things I have to assume she comes from wealthy parents. I also know the first couple of times I heard about her she was getting mad over text messages Fred had sent her over the smallest and dumbest things. I feel like this tends to be an issue with every girl though. I hate having conversations with girls through text messaging now. I'd rather just have a quick minute phone call or a short ten minute conversation on the phone. This mini power couple also annoys me because she falls asleep early and then wakes up early and wakes Fred up and starts giggling which then wakes me up. Which is a problem because we are prone to always going to bed late with our schedule and I can't nap during the day like they can and do.

The only positives I take away from it is that I get more alone time and can relax without having to keep a conversation up with anyone that I'm sharing a room with. I'll probably take a nap later today to catch up on my sleeping. I also don't have to negotiate where to go to eat. If I have car keys, which is an annoyance in itself, I can just run out and find a place that is vegetarian friendly and come back or eat there.

We are staying in a Holidae Inn Express hotel for another few days in Virginia before we hit the road and head towards West Virginia. The boys went out the first night and I could tell it was going to be another disaster night. I decided to stay in and watch the Thunder game but I heard them arrive back from the bars around three and talk about their night in the hallway. I am the only person that isn't a deep sleeper I guess so they woke me up and I had to go out there and tell them to quiet down. This is a trending discussion of those guys acting immature and not being considerate when they're drunk. The only interest I had in going out that night after at 6 am wake up call was that there was a bachelorette party staying in our hotel that night and they were going out. But to end that story before you speculate they told them where to go but by the time they showed up (three hours later), the girls were gone and onto some other place. The only action they got was one of the guys made out with a 32 year old chick who has two pre-teens. I'm all for the older women and normally I'd be impressed with that if not for the fact he's one of the guys who has a girlfriend and that's just not cool.

Anyways, the weather has been real rainy this week so the numbers may be down or a camp might get cancelled although I doubt it with our inexperienced tournament director right now. I'm going to try and remain optimistic about it.
April 29th, 2013 at 05:29pm