Something I Noticed...

I have been looking around Mibba and other sites, specifically the fan fiction sections, and noticing a rising trend that most fan fictions seem to be missing the point of the series as a whole. I know, I know, it is fan fiction. The point is you are supposed to do whatever the heck you want with the characters, change things you don't like about the series, etc... I have done that before in mine but I try to keep it so I don't seem to be throwing out all of the work the creators have done for the series as a whole.

An example of this would be whenever I read a X-Men fan fiction set at the beginning of Grant Morrison's X-Men run. Most of the fan fics there are seem to just exist to take a P*## all over it. Because he dared to actually take the point of the X-Men and push it as far as it could go. In this case developing a culture and focusing more on the mutants of the world instead of making the general populace hate them more and more while trying to shove as much soap opera drama in there as possible. To the point where they even stripped Morrison of giving Emma Frost her second mutation (the diamond thing) and said it was something else entirely. BECAUSE HE FOCUSED ON THE POINT OF THE X-MEN AND NOT THE DRAMA!

Another example would be on a Supernatural co-write, (something I want to point out ahead of time, I do not view this person as a terrible writer or human being. I have had stupid ideas, and I am going to have more. We all get them) that never ended up happening. But the other person, we will call them Jill, and I wanted to bring back some of the Hunters in an all out war of creatures versus hunters. Jill wanted to bring back Jo. I like Jo, I thought she was a wonderful character and would have been very happy writing her, IF SHE WAS STILL LIVING! But she had died a rather heroic and symbolic death and needed to stay dead. Jill's sole reasoning for wanting her back was to create more lady drama between Dean and the person who was leading the creatures, who had been a girlfriend or something like that. NO! I do not want to take a dump over a very symbolic death to bring soap opera into the story in which there is a war raging on in the background.

I'm not saying everyone who writes stuff like this are terrible writers, I'm just so tired of the fans being insatiable and picking apart the series because they didn't like the fact that the concept actually had to be delivered on and it ruined some relationship or some drama that really was unneeded to begin with. I have been brewing with that inside of me for the last little bit and needed to expel it from my system. See you next time guys.
May 6th, 2013 at 08:01pm