CONFUSION (Generation Gap)

One thing that I quickly noticed here was that the majority of people who make use of this site are far younger than I am. Most are in there late teens or early 20's. Unfortunately I can no longer claim this distinction. I am far older than that! Most of the members here probably grew up with a computer in their homes, if they were lucky-two. I did not have this benefit. The first computer showed up in my home, for my use, when I was attending college. I did learn to use certain applications when the need arose but when it comes the internet and all that is out there it has been "Learn as I go". This site has proved to be the most difficult to navigate. Sometimes, when I read the comments they don't seem to refer to what I read at all. Granted the commenter may have read more from that particular member than I have and may be referring to something else. If that happens, I don't know what to think. And the times I have chosen to send a message to other members? I click on their user name yet I am guided to another name (I'm hoping that is their actual name). This is the first place I have seen that happen. Usually, when I am guided to another spot in order to send a private message it still shows up under the user name.

And as to the rules (for a blog). When I was raised swearing and profanity went hand in hand. If you used swear words you were considered as profane and alternately if you were found to be using profanity it meant you were using swear words. Is there a distinction now? What is it? The rules state that swearing is not allowed but profanity IS unless it is directed towards a person, type of media etc.. What exactly is the etc? And what does that leave room for? I guess you could swear at chair ETC. but what would the point of that be? I'm sure there are more tame ways of expressing dissatisfaction with a chair other than with the use of profanity.

Quite honestly, I did not come across this site because I was looking for it. I was searching for a site that could offer me help and advice on raising my three teenage daughters. I assume I was led here because I used the word "kids" rather than "teens". I was guided to articles members here submitted dealing with "kids". I'm not sorry that I was. Granted I was a little lost at first, correction-extremely lost (still am), but the help and encouragement I have received from those that I have chosen to respond to has been greatly appreciated.
May 6th, 2013 at 10:12pm