Beginning with a Flashback?

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Working On: Contest entry for, Modern Fairy Tail Contest
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So, currently I am attempting to start on a contest entry for the above contest. My fairy tail is Little Red Riding Hood. I won't give much, if anything away, but basically it's a girl that moves to a small town after a particular incident. This town is basically 80% made up of a crumbling werewolf and 20% humans. I won't say what she is, but she's not human and the werewolves do not like her at all for what she is. I don't exactly plan on making it a love story. I really just want it to be about a girl finding herself, discovering who she is, something that every teenager goes through in high school. I want it to be dramatic and suspenseful. There's so much I want to do with this story, more than just making it a contest entry.

My problem is that even with all these great ideas, I can't start it. I'm torn between starting off during her first day of school and having her flashback to the incident, or simply starting with the flashback and her waking up to present day. What do you all prefer to read? Starting with flashback or switching to a flashback then switching back to present day.

PS. I've always wanted to be the mibbian of the week, or have one of my stories featured.
May 7th, 2013 at 02:54am