Mibba is where the heart is. Finally an appreciation post.

So for the past few days, I've really been wanting to write a blog and just, acknowledge some of the most fantastic people ever that I have met through the site. Sometimes I am so happy and I feel pretty blessed to have stumbled across this website before.

I've been on Mibba for a long time, but I never really had a little mibba family until this year. I don't know why, I just sort of stumbled upon one, some how. And literally, these people are just the best ever, and they are some of the most talented writers, kind hearted people, crazy, quirky bastards that I know. If any of you really are bastards, I am EXTREMELY sorry for that comment. I just, wow I have no filter. So basically, here are some people who I love so damn much.

GoodGirl;- SREE. You are the first friend I actually made on Mibba, to be totally honest. I never went back and forth with a message with someone until you, and I'm forever thankful you reached out a hand of friendship to me. You are hysterical, you are smart, and you are forever my little mibba sister. I adore you, and I love doing group writes with you! You are just awesome and perfect in every sense of the world, and I'm so so glad.

thelovelyreader- Hanna is my valentine, everyone. All the way from Sweden to Florida, we were valentines because no one else here in my country, my state, my county, my town, my school, my building (i went cray there) wanted to be my valentine, and Hanna decided she would be my valentine because she's awesome. YOU my friend, are so amazing. You're always there for me when I'm upset and you never fail to make me smile!!!

Katie Mosing- KATIE. I know everyone on the planet knows who Katie is. She is like, the coolest of the cool, and she's one bad bitch. No seriously, Katie kills the game on mibba. I'm talking ghetto now, sorry. ANYWAYS, Katie, I sort of met because I was reading her FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC group writes. Seriously, I want her talent for them. I've never seen anyone who so flawlessly does group writes. I applaud you along with the rest of mibba. You also make me laugh and you ignore the fact that I'm a total nutcase and let me do group writes with you!

Maddi;- Maddi, Maddi glorious, wonderful spectacular Maddi, who is also one of those kids in the cool kid club! Maddi is honestly one of the sweetest people in the whole wide world, who also is able to go along with my total nutter of a brain. Maddi, I can never thank you enough for all that you do on mibba, especially when you kept everyone so updated on Katie. You are a gem, a diamond, a treasure! And I adore you so. Especially after you were Baman and Piderman for a few days. I think my heart grew three times that day haha

blades- Kristinaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! You, my lady, are BRILLIANT. Probably my favorite author on here because the way you writing is so fucking brilliant that a lot of times my brain can't really wrap around it. Anyways, you are my partner in crime in my opinion, and our collaboration skills in co-writes is so effing amazing and we just fit like the pieces of a puzzle! I adore you to the moon and back, and I'm so glad we bumped into one another in that group write! You make my life brighter!

little sparrow.- Ashlee. You are basically a mirror image of my heart, because I think somehow we're the same person in different places. You have the best writing in the world and you are absolutely hysterical. My favorite thing, is that you are just as weird as I am, and we sort of revel in it. My love for you started ever since the day we bonded over Kili and Fili. And you are the Kili to my Fili, or vice versa. WE ARE ONE.

Everyone I have in group writes- I love you all too. More than words can explain, and I want you to know I love each and every one of you individually because you make my world go round. These people I just had in a special place. But to those I group write with, thanks for going along with whatever weirdness I've come up in with those stories, whether they were group writes I've started or Katie has started. I know I go a little awol sometimes, and you guys never yell at me. So I love the fuck out of you.

..I hope I didn't forget anyone. Meghan, if you're reading this you don't count. You're my best friend in real life which is gift enough.

Honestly, this is sort of how I feel right now
May 8th, 2013 at 01:37am