Story Promotion Tumblr and country music.

So I went ahead and made the Tumblr for unpopular story promotions. Its For the Love of the Unpopular Stories and although it is pretty basic and empty right now it is functional. So go submit, submit, submit and if you have a tumblr follow so you'll get to see all the stories that are submitted! And if you'd like to spread the link around to get the word out that would just be awesome.

I've been listening to a lot of country lately. And when I say a lot I mean a lot . Basically its all I've been listening to lately which is unusual. The last time that I really listened to anything else for more than two songs was on the way home from vacation and that was early March.

I just got Brantley Gilbert's CD today and holy cow it is good! I figured it would be good I just didn't think it would be this good. The CD I've really been stuck on lately though is Standoff by Casey Donahew Band and that's been close to a month since I got that one. Before either of these ones it was both of Chris Young's CDs so now I think everyone really understands what I meant when I said I've been listening to country a lot.

So are there any other country fans here tonight? Has any one heard of the Casey Donahew Band? Because I only know two other people that listen to them. The first one is my cousin, who introduced me to them, and the second is my mom and I introduced them to her. So it would be nice to see if anyone here knows them.
May 8th, 2013 at 07:17am