Pimp your stories, find something to read, and my thoughts about smoothies and blenders.

I'd just like to start by saying this is the second time I've tried typing out this blog. I was almost done and my stupid laptop touch pad took me back. So here goes take two.

If you're looking to pimp your unpopular stories then head over here and submit away. The only rules are your story has to be an unpopular original or part of an unpopular fandom. Other than that submit away. I'm going to be over there for about the next hour so if you submit while I'm on your story should be posted quickly.

The only other thing I ask is that if you submit and want to make your title a link please use HTML instead of CSS. Tumblr doesn't accept CSS so it doesn't work. If you don't have the code for HTML here it is:
<a href="URL HERE"> Title </a>

If you're looking to find a new story to read then you can also head over here . There are five stories up right now, four original and one fanfic, and you might find something. Hopefully others will submit some more while I'm online and there will be more stories to choose from.

I'm also going to ask for some help. I'd like to spend more time on here promoting the story promotion blog but I can't. So even though I'm going to continue to spread the word when I have time I would appreciate it if others would spread the word too so this might work.

I realize this has nothing to do with writing or stories but I'm going to talk about smoothies and blenders for a minute. First of all, whoever decided that someone should make prepackaged, frozen smoothies that you just have to add milk or juice to and blend is a genius and my new favorite person of the day. On the flip side of that I am now 100% sure our blender is going out. While I was making my smoothie I had to keep the top off and stir it with a spoon for the blender to work. I don't know how but I managed to get the smoothie made without making a mess!
May 10th, 2013 at 05:44pm