Fan-fiction - (what annoy me - sex)

Okay so I've been reading a lot of fan fiction, and a lot of sex scenes and what so ever.
But what I've stumbled by a lot and what annoy me so badly, is that in a lot of the sex scenes, the pair have sex once and boom!! the girl is pregnant.
- Like honestly, the chance of that happening is so minimal, and.. urgh it just annoy me so much!

Oh and when the girls have her first orgasm almost just as the boy take off her clothes(well not that fast, but ya know?), like seriously why'd anyone make the girl have her orgasm that quickly?

Not that I'm that experienced, but I do know that no girl would have an orgasm thirty seconds after a man stick his finger into her vagina.

Urgh, that's why I hate reading most of the sex scenes here on Mibba.
May 13th, 2013 at 07:01pm