So in the New Pokemon Games, You Will Get to Ride a Goat and Customize Your Character. Cue Fanbase Going Crazy.

I am so angry with myself. I typed this entire blog out and then accidentally copied over it. God that was so stupid. So here we go again, re-typing it for a second time hoping I don’t pull that stupid stunt again…

Here’s a pop quiz Mibba….

Question: How do you make the Pokemon fan base go crazy?

Answer: Give them a goat you can ride and character customization.

A day or two ago, the newest Corocoro magazine scans were released and in them, there was a lot of information about Pokemon X and Y. Corocoro is a Japanese magazine for those who don’t know. Now, I’ve heard a lot of people expressing doubts about how legit these scans are because the official pages have yet to confirm it, but I guarantee you they are real. The thing is, these scans are leaked. This means, the edition of Corocoro these scans are in has not yet gone on sale. When this edition goes on sale, the official pages will confirm this information. It’s just that right now, they’re considered leaked and the official pages cannot confirm leaked material. So they are real, that’s been confirmed by many trusted sources.

The links you see below will take you to a picture of the scan.

When someone first looks at the scans, the first thing they will notice is probably the four new Pokemon. The new Pokemon are Gogoat, Elikiteru, Yamchan, and Yayakoma. Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokemon and is known as the Riding Pokemon. Players will be able to ride Gogoat. For ride now, it is only confirmed you can ride Gogoat in Maire City, but you may be able to ride it in other cities and on the routes. Gogoat will be able to learn Horn Leech. Elikiteru is the Generation Pokemon and they are a dual-type of Electric/Normal. Elikiteru will be able to learn a new move called Parabola Charge. Yamchan is the Naughty Pokemon and they are a Fighting-type. Yamchan will be able to learn a new move known as Parting Remarks, which is a move that lowers your foe’s stats and forces you to switch. Yayakoma is the Japanese Robin Pokemon and will be Flying/Normal. Yayakoma will be able to learn Flame Charge.

Another thing the scans revealed is the box art for X (Box art link) and Y (Box art link). The hero and heroine’s official designs were also released. While releasing their designs, the magazine also revealed character customization. The scan shows that you will be able to change your character’s skin color and hair color. You can make your character have pale, tan, or dark skin. You can make your character have blonde, brunette, or black hair. For now, this is all the customization that is known.

The region’s official name is Karos and it appears it will be based off of France. In the center of the region will be a city called Maire City, which is based off of Paris. For those of you who watched the special Nintendo Direct trailer for X and Y, do you remember seeing the male character running through a city with the Eiffel Tower? That was Maire City. Right now, Maire is the only known location where you can ride Gogoat but like I said, there may be more locations revealed later.

So, now that you know all that…. Let’s cue getting excited…..

YAMCHAN WILL BE A FIGHTING PANDA! Are you all aware of how fucking awesome that makes Yamchan? It’s a cute Panda who can punch people in the face. I shall catch one and name it Po. I shall also catch a Gogoat. I will probably not use it, but I want to ride my goat! I’ve heard people asking why a goat Pokemon and not a horse. Well… Because goats are cooler than horses. Like duh. Riding horses is overrated, goats are so much cooler. Besides, the only horse Pokemon is Ponyta/Rapidash. Would you want to ride something with flames shooting out its back? Of course not! You’d rather ride a fluffy goat! So there. Ha. Besides, Gogoat’s name is punny. You get to go on a goat. Get it? Gogoat and you get to go on the goat. Haha, it’s punny! And slightly corny. But still funny.

The character customization is sweet. See, this is how we know Game Freak is listening. It is still about 5 months until X and Y come out, but Game Freak has already confirmed they will be giving fans two things we’ve wanted for years. The first being a full 3D main game and the second being character customization. Sure, the character customization seems small, but it’s a start. It’s better than having no choice at all, right?

October, please get here now.
May 13th, 2013 at 11:29pm