Road Trip Blog #13 (Too Much Car)

We left the Virginia area awhile ago but our travel plans have been very badly scheduled. We drove from camps in West Virginia all the way to St. Louis for a few days and from there up to Milwaukee to do a camp at Miller Park, which was awesome, and then drove 13 hours all the way to Arkansas.

I think the theme of this blog is reflection and frustration. The last time I wrote a blog I was in a very negative mind frame and was complaining every time I went to a camp and really had to do anything with all of the group. I finally realized that all I was really doing was complaining and being a negative nelly so I needed to stop. I started thinking about some of the cool things we've got to do and how we've traveled around the US without having to pay for any gas. I try to appreciate becoming more cultured about areas that I've never been even if it's just going to local stores and talking to the local people. It was funny though because while I was turning over a new leaf it seemed many of the other guys had just gotten to the point where I had just left. They were complaining about the camps, the coaches, and really the lack of information that our bosses have provided. I basically try to remind them that we only have three weeks left so just try and enjoy it now and be able to laugh about stories of it later.

We are currently in Arkansas and I'll just out right say we have a horrible schedule going forward. We head to Texas tonight. After our camp we have to drive five hours to Dallas. If our newest tournament director doesn't talk and talk and talk after the camp hopefully we can get out of there before ten at night. There is a chance to rain but the weather never seems to cooperate in the way the coaches want it to. Either way I'm assuming we get to our hotel around 3 AM. Then we have to check out early because we have to go pick up our new tournament director and then spend our day driving nine hours south to the southern tip of Texas. I'm predicting a lot of whining, naps, stiffs, and eventually sunburns coming from this last stretch of trip.

The schedule that we have right now still doesn't make much sense. It seems we travel around Texas for a week or so then we jump up to Kansas for a camp and then back to Texas where I believe we finish our tour. Another way I try to keep the guys on a positive note is to tell them to always have something to look forward to. My roommate has a new house and his girlfriend to go back to. Others have their friends and families where some are fortunate to also have a job to come back to. The thing I'm looking most forward to is the simplest pleasure. I want to wake up in my underwear go outside and tan. I want to play video games and watch movies on Netflix. I want to eat some real food and play with my dog and after all that stuff becomes stale I have my cousin from England visiting with a friend of hers and I get to play tour guide and also get to do some exploring myself. It will also be softball season when I get back and after coaching kids for so long I definitely have the itch to go out and play some games.
May 15th, 2013 at 07:06pm