Katsumi Tells All: House At The End Of The Street

House At The End Of The Street: is a movie about a young girl (Lawrance) and her mother (Shue) who move to a new town and find them selves living next door where a girl murder her parents years before, its not long before they find out the son (Thieriot) of the family is still living there.
Right off the bat you can tell this mother and daughter duo do not get along to well, which is pretty good start, the mother is always working and the daughter is just left alone which of course leads to a meeting with the mystry boy next door.

This movie shows a good bit of (Lawrance's) charecters school life and life around town, its in these scenes that we learn how the town feels about (Thieriot) charecter, and more insight to what happened years ago, property values are more important then anything in the town.

The kids at the school don't like Ryan (Thieriot) either and as soon as its known Elissa (Lawrance) has be friend him, instead of the kids who where mean and tried things at a party, they begin to say rude things about her to Ryan when he's seen coming to show his suppourt for a function involving Elissa.
Its near that scene things really start to heat up in the movie itself and we're thrusted in to a more mystry type setting as even more of the story and the creepyness has been revealed by now and its up to Elissa to uncover the truth and get out while she still can.

The stars of this movie really do a great job in keeping with the pace and making everything you see believable specially for the younger cast who do an amazing job at selling this akward moments to the down right scary ones.

The ending of this movie will leave you wanting more or utterly confused as the ending is one I still sometimes wonder about but all in all a wonderful film.
May 16th, 2013 at 12:34am