Just my luck :(

I wanted to become a vegetarian, healthy lifestyle and all, but my GP said I wasn't exactly eating a balanced diet and what not. Basically I was more unhealthy being a vegetarian than I was being a meat eater or whatever people who eat meat are called, so in the end I decided to become a pescetarian. I think that is how it is spelt, a vegetarian who eats fish. I do ocassionally enjoy tripe, only when my mother cooks it. She does it so well. So I'm basically a pescetarian who eats tripe.

Yesterday I was having the laziest day of my life. Trust me, sometimes I just can't be bothered getting out of bed to walk to the kitchen just to fetch a spoon. Terrible right. Anyway, so yesterday I was in town with a couple of friends and we were just doing some shopping and I just thought to myself, I really won't be bothered to cook when I get home, plus I wasn't feeling like getting any take-away. I try to refrain from it after I found a strand of hair in my fries -talk about disgusting. Oh yeah, there was a fly in my MacDonalds burger at some point too, but let's save that for another time.

Since the breadcrumbed chicken was only like a pound I was like you know what, just this once. I bought the chicken and some McCains french fries (they are the best), salad yeah. You know, the cheap stuff. Got back home, popped it in the oven and waited. I was quite impatient so I just took it all out after 12 minutes or so and went to my room to eat.

You know, when I was eating I was thinking to myself, this chicken is very soft and it's not really more warm than hot, but I was just like...what the hell. I don't really care. I was watching my show. I continued eating then I was just like nah this ain't right, the chicken is REALLY getting softer. I look at it and it was cooked on the sides and raw in the middle. I mean who in their right mind accidently eats raw chicken!! Oh right, me. I'm just cringing right now. I keep having mental images of pink fleshy bits staring at me.
May 19th, 2013 at 06:32pm