It's been forever, Mibba.

I only log into mibba about once a month now. Jeez. I know I've been busy going to school and trying to grow up but I need to see what's happenin' on Mibba. I can't believe I've been on here for almost 6 years. Definitely miss it.

I miss writing. I have not written anything for the last 8 months or so and I don't feel like myself anymore. I feel like I'm missing out on life.. and by life I mean the exhilarating satisfaction of having created something, even if it's not that great, that is essentially yourself, out in the universe. Words are a time capsule. Hopefully I can start cranking out some creativity this summer since I'm not weighed down by schoolwork anymore.
May 24th, 2013 at 02:31am