Who feels like a comment swap? Plus pimp your stories and possible story contest.

It has been a while since I posted anything about the story promotion blog so here goes. Head over here and submit, submit, submit! Or if you don't want to submit then maybe check out the stories that have already been submitted and see if you may want to check one out. One final thing, if you guys want to spread this link around to try and direct more people to the blog it would be amazing.

Next, does anyone feel like a comment swap? Because I have a story that I'd really like some comments on and I figure this is the best way. I'll give you fair warning though, it is a NASCAR fanfiction so you can decide if you are willing to do this based on that.

The rules:
1. You comment first and you get what you give.
2. No slash, femmeslash, or incest. Sorry but that is just something I won't read.
3. My story is around 7,500 words so to make it fair I'll read anything in the range. If it is a chaptered story and I really like it I might read over that but I'd like to stay in that range for the swap.
4. Fan-fic or original is fine with me.

So if you're interested then let me know which story you want to put up for a comment! The story I'm putting up is Playing With Fire .

As I'm sure it has become abundantly clear by now to everyone that reads my blogs, I love NASCAR. Now I know there are a few other fans here I'm just not sure how many. I know there are a few other fanfics posted but there aren't a lot. Which gives me an idea for a contest. Would anyone be willing to enter a NASCAR fanfic contest?
May 28th, 2013 at 10:43pm