Old Stories + New Username; Used to be Red Hood

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Working On: Leveling up my Sandile, sorting through old stories, purging my computer, this blog
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Used to be: Red Hood
Now I Am: alaric.

So, in my documents on my computer I have a folder titled, New Shit, and one titled, Old Shit. Now, under the Old Shit folder there's another folder titled, Don't Open Ever Again. That particular file is filled with old stories, obviously. Ones that I hate and loathe, but as much as I want to destroy a part of me wants to keep them. Maybe in hopes that I'll come back to them and fix them with super glue and duct tape. While the rest of me leaves them there as a reminder of how shitty I was at writing back when those stories were written. Does anyone else have that problem? Where no matter what you just can't seem to find the heart to destroy your past works. Does anyone ever just go back sometimes and read the crap you spewed out in your angst ridden pre-teen or teenage years (yes, I can say teenage years since I will be 20 on Monday)?

I guess keeping them is sort of a reminder of my childhood in the terms of being a writer. I've grown past that and would probably estimate my writing age to being 16. Granted I did pull several of those old stories to the new file to eventually go back to and polish up. Maybe make them a little more desirable. I don't know. Does anyone have that, Don't Ever Open Again File? Or, am I the only one?

1. How was your day? Mine was pretty fantastic. I've almost got 2 amazing new outfits.
2. When's your birthday?
3. Do you still get excited, or do you just not care anymore?
4. (Not a question) I am actually excited to turn 20 on Monday.
June 1st, 2013 at 06:35am