Contests, Unpopular Music, and Comment Monsters Question

So I created two contests last night and I figured I'd spread the word here in the blogs section. I'm not sure if they'll get any entries but I'll never know if I don't put them out there right?

The first contest is a song-fic contest. To be more precise it is a country song-fic contest. Most of the song-fic contests I've looked at have been either rock or some pop so I don't really know how popular country is here on Mibba. So if you're interested then head over here to check it out and maybe enter.

The second contest is probably an even bigger long shot but why not. Its also a song-fic contest but this time with a twist. If you enjoy NASCAR please head over here and check it out.

I know who the really popular bands on here are but I know there have to be some people who like less popular bands. So I want to hear about your unpopular tastes in music, fellow mibbians. Do you like unpopular genres? Unpopular bands?

I'm pretty curious about the comment monsters contest. I get how it works but I'm curious about how you find the stories. Do you just go into the story section and search for something you might like? Do you go into the pimping and recommendation threads? I'm just really curious how you find so many stories to comment on.
June 3rd, 2013 at 03:36am