Long day, messed up sleep schedule, and links.

Like most of my blogs, I'm going to jump from topic to topic with little to no warning. Just thought I'd get that out there right off the bat.

I've been up for sixteen hours now, its been a long and busy day, and I really should be in bed and asleep. But my sleep schedule is so screwed up that I can't go to sleep yet. So here I am, late at night, spending time on Mibba and listening to some music. Just like every other night. I really need to find a way to fix this problem.

I'd really like to know how its possible to be tired after getting the most sleep you've gotten all week? I got a little under six hours of sleep Sunday night and was ready to go yesterday. Last night I got just under eight hours and I've been tired almost all afternoon. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyone have any advice for getting friends onto Mibba? Because I have this one friend that reads a lot of my stories to give me feedback and I'm really tired of having to email them and I know she's tired of getting them in emails. I guess this is more of a how do you get a friend with a ridiculously short attention span to focus long enough to make an account? Because so far I'm still trying to get her to listen to a new band and she keeps forgetting. I'm not going to lie, her forgetfulness has been a running joke between us for years just like my blonde moments have been, but there has to be away to keep people focused. I'm pretty sure the reason I can't figure it out is because I'm not exactly the best at staying focused myself. But back to the point. Anyone have any advice on how to get a friend to focus?

Before I go I'm going to shamelessly promote a few things.

[url=theunpopularstories.tumblr.com] The Unpopular Stories [/url]
The promotion blog for stories in unpopular fandoms or originals not getting a lot of love. It could really use some more submissions so please submit, submit, submit.

[url=thenotsosecretsecrets.tumblr.com]The Not So Secret Secrets[/url]
The blog I started the other night in a haze of exhaustion and inability to sleep. I can't find a confessions blog that doesn't seem to get backed up or take weeks to get confessions posted. So I thought I'd give it a shot and see if I could keep up. Maybe someone wants to give it a try?

Even though I'm really not expecting much, if anything, for the contests I'm gonna throw them out just in case.

Country Song-Fic Contest - There isn't a lot of variety in the songs and they aren't that well known either. But it doesn't hurt to put them in another blog right?

NASCAR Song-fic Contest - Once again, not really expecting much, if anything, to happen with this but why not?
June 5th, 2013 at 08:12am