My Notes for the Big Bang

Hey guys, so I commented that I would potentially release some of my notes if I got some interest, so here it is. Don't read if you don't want spoilers as this is my Big Bang entry. Hopefully this will help out some of you folk.

For Mibba’s Big Bang contest the requirement is to write 20,000 words over one character. Growing a character from nothing to ultimate badass and showing that we can write more than Mary Sues (not that all of them do but still…). A rather large contest with a rather large amount of participants will lead to this being tricky to win, but at the same time a challenge that will be rather intellectually stimulating to compete in.

Moving on past the fluff filled words to the good part. The story. So what I plan to do is simple, Superman turning evil has been done in a variety of ways, Irredeemable by Mark Waid, Injustice Gods Among Us, Rob Liefeld’s Supreme (DEAR GOD!), and a medley of varying types and tropes after that. What I want to do is different, in most of these they are redeemed (either by a different writer, the fact that the young version of themselves will always be morally pure, or they become the groundwork of what a hero should be), but in the end what if they weren’t? What if Superman was always destined to become the bad guy? What if he was truly irredeemable? That is the basic thought upon which this story will be built.

So to get down to brass taxes this is what I planned. The story begins at the end of what is known as World War Hero. A war that has raged on for three years and caused untold amounts of damage (just look at Miracleman 15 the damage was terrifying) and casualties. The Superman like character known as Miraculum is fighting the last member of the heroes who have rebelled, and attempted to overthrow world controls to establish an Aristocracy with the heroes on top and ruling the world, known as the Iron Gladiator.

[Note: Here is an idea on how to start the story off, I may or may not write like this but it is an idea for now that will get the itch out of my fingers. (This applies only to the beginning, Connor’s chapters will be written in first person).

Sample: A streak of white, a blaze of blue. Colors and shapes fill the air and ground as heroes and antiheroes collide in the air and on the ground. The earth trembles beneath each mighty blow, every stream of heat, and rumble of sonic booms that roar across the open fields. This night is a fight among men and women who have evolved to something greater than mere mortals. This is twilight of gods.]

Miraculum defeats the Iron Gladiator and the war is over. Miraculum’s best friend Shadowman, and the only hero who could take him toe to toe, walks up to him and the two embrace in a friendly hug. They pull back a bit and Miraculum puts his hands on each side of his friends face, which startles him but the friend thinks nothing of it. Then Miraculum squeezes his hands together and kills his best friend.

The heroes watch in horror as Miraculum stands before them and tells them to either submit to his rule or be killed like Shadowman. The heroes bow, realizing that they could not take the Super God standing before them in any sort of straight fight.

Now the story jumps forward twenty-two years into the future. Miraculum has established a dictatorship that he rules with an (clichéd) iron fist. Crime rates are at an all time high, most of the other heroes have become morally corrupted, and Miraculum refuses to do anything about it other than watch from his throne room. His sixteen-year-old son Connor has, at this point, learned what heroes used to stand for and in horror now sees how the meaning of the word hero has become synonymous with villain and has inherited his fathers powers which caused him rip through his mother’s womb at birth killing her. Realizing what he must do he goes to his mother’s grave and talks to her like he has done in the past and then flies off into the night.

Connor comes into contact with resistance fighters and becomes one of the pivotal pieces of the resistance against Miraculum. The leaders include two former heroes Lady Miracle (a subset of the Miracle family, similar to Wonder Woman in power in some aspects) and Jack (a masked hero who never takes his mask off and no one knows who he used to be).

Connor helps fight his father’s regime, under the title and disguise of Salutaris, in little steps until Lady Miracle tells him he has to bust out a man in an iron mask located in the deepest cell of the prison that is virtually impossible to get into, unless you have to be as powerful as Miraculum (Wait a minute now?).

Managing to get through the prison easily Connor finds the prisoner and breaks the iron mask off of him. The prisoner is then revealed to be Iron Gladiator, who tells the resistance that only Connor can fight Miraculum and kill him. All other heroes that could beat him have been subverted to his will or purged from the earth. The Iron Gladiator whispers something in Connor’s ear, it’s all in the genes.

The resistance launches an attack on the capital while Connor dresses in his father’s old uniform and flies into his father’s throne room to fight him. Miraculum tries to sway him to joining him at his hand, but Connor tells him that he is the people’s Salutaris (Latin for Savior) and that his father’s rule has come to an end.

Miraculum then punches Connor through a wall and the two begin a giant fight. Causing havoc and destruction on an untold scale. The two manage to get a breather when Miraculum unleashes his heat vision and Connor counters with cold vision. Causing the two to blow a fuse for a few minutes. Which is long enough for Connor to realize that the two will do nothing but bounce off each other unless Connor can tip the battle into his own favor. Gladiator’s words come back to him and he remembers a lesson that his father taught him, everything is a vibration and every vibration has a counter vibration.

Connor begins to sing, targeting his father’s invulnerability genes. Weakening his father (unknowingly to Miraculum) significantly. The two fly towards each other and Connor punches a hole through him, killing his father and freeing the world. Weeping over his father’s corpse the resistance walks up to him and places a hand upon his shoulder. Connor’s eyes begin to glow red, leaving in question whether or not he will revert society back to it’s original standards or rule like his father.

Okay now that I have planned out the story I want to work on the characters a bit.
June 8th, 2013 at 06:13am