I Don't Support Feminism: Not A Bash Blog, Here Me Out.

I don't support Feminism in the same way I don't support extreme right wing, or extreme left wing politics, or extreme conservative, or extreme liberal moral ethics.
I believe that observing a situation from any far flung corner greatly reduces one's ability to act, or percieve, rationally.

I am talking about Feminism because I have recently been faced with a great deal of belittlement of men, and I find it very ignorant.
This is not to disregard the inherent struggles ungone by women throughout history, or the abuse they have suffered at the hands of men, or any injustice that has been thrust upon them.
What I have seen is a great deal of woman belittleing men, saying that they are interested in sex and food, and nothing else. That they are intellectually lacking, and generally the dead weight women endeavor to lug through life.
When I defend men I am met with a string of injustices the person has suffered by men, and told that one day I will understand.
What I understand is that you are now a victim of your own victimization. That you have undergone a trauma by an individual, or individuals, and the best generalization you could make to catagorize this so that you may avoid it in the future is that they were men. And so now men are the enemy. A stupid, slow, sluggish, slave to baser desires, and animal instinct.

This is unfortunate, because I have suffered more at the hands, hearts, and minds of women than I have by men, and have found more friendship in men than women.
I do not find women to be the enemy, I believe both sexes are just as capable of cruelty, though that cruelty may manifest itself in different ways do to biological reasons. Ie, men are more likely to use physical means of dominating or punishing a person, and women more like to use emotional or psychological forms of abuse.
Abuse, in the end, is always abuse, mental, emotional, physical, there is no lesser evil.

I believe in the equal rights of women. I believe women should be paid the same amount for the same amount of work, be treated with respect, be able to do anything a man can do.
I don't support these things because they are women, I support them because they are people.
I think that by calling this Feminism we are hurting ourselves, because what we really want is pure and simple equality.
It is not something that only applies to women, because what we desire is to be treated equal, not like "women" but as people. For there to be no difference in our treatment, no belittlement, and no special treatment.
So if it is about simple equality, why are we calling it Feminism?
Feminism as a term is aggrivating because it speaks as if women should be treated differently, which is the opposite of what I believe is actually desired.
It begins to tell men to "back off", it's a wall, a barricade saying that women are rising, not to equality, but to superiority.
No gender is superior.
Women degrading men is practically a sport, and a single slight against women by a man he is accused of misogyny?
Take the instance on Twitter when Gerard Way called a girl a "c*nt".
No, it was not a nice thing to say, it was indeed not a ethically correct, but it was, in the end, just a word.
A crude slang term for "vagina". Is that not the same as a women calling a man a "dick"? Society acts as if a man callling a women a "c*nt" is the equivolent of reducing the entire female population to being "only good for sex", but calling a man a "dick" isn't much more frowned upon than calling him a "jerk".
In this particular situation the girl in question had repeatedly insulted Way's wife, even said that she should die.
That is a far worse thing, but so so many people rushed to her side spewing words like "misogynist!" and accusing Way of hating women.
I wonder if the same arguments would arise if it has been a man spewing hatred for a woman's husband, and her calling him a "dick".

The point is that somewhere under the umbrella of Feminism, equality is being lost, and that is the exact opposite of what I believe is actually desired by society.
I believe men and women of all races, religions, and gender identity, or sexuality should, by all means, be treated equal, and that will not be achieved by further segregating ourselves when defending our rights.

I hope that I didn't offend anyone, and that I have at least given someone something to think about.
Please note. No bashing of anyone in the comment section.

June 12th, 2013 at 08:25pm