There's one reason for my hatred of people.

That reason being the idiocy of everyone at my school. Let me explain:

In my 4th period class and my 4th period class only is where I get bullied quite a bit. My teacher does NOTHING, absolutely nothing about it. Another thing about her, she expects me to know everything she's fucking talking about. She was lecturing us about something and I was off in my own world because I was tired as shit for not having a good sleep the night before. She calls on me and asks a question about something I had no idea about prior. I do hear her talking, however, it just went in one ear and out the other. I didn't have anything written down either and she didn't go back to the topic I had missed, expecting me to ask someone around me, but I cannot work with people I don't like and I pretty much hated everyone in that class. As she's walking away from my table I mutter, "How is this ever going to be relevant in my life?" under my breath and she went off saying, "Well, when you go to college you could major in Earth Science and be a teacher. Or if you go on Jeopardy and there's questions about this. What if your kids ask you, "Daddy, what's the carbon cycle?[Since that was the topic at hand]" How are you going to explain that?"

I wanted to get up and say, "Here's the thing, teach. I'm not intelligent enough to even meet the standards of being on Jeopardy. If I ever want to go to college, it'll be for something I actually want to do, not what you freaking did, and I don't want kids for long time maybe even none at all, and if I do and they ask that question, I'll just tell them to pay attention in school and they can figure it out for themselves. Therefore, what you're telling me isn't going to have any effect at all." Now if I did that she'd have sent me out so it shall remain in my thoughts.

Onto another teacher I had, my art teacher. He had standards so goddamn high for assignments. My self-esteem on my drawings were lowered greatly in the year of his class. What I thought was amazing, he basically said that it was crap. Near the end of the school year, my grade in that class was a low D, almost an F. I tried doing multiple assignments at once, which he all said didn't meet the standards they should have. He constantly brought this up, "You had three weeks to do these assignments and this is all you're giving me? One that isn't correct?" At one point I had enough and in a way stood up for myself and said, "I know we had three weeks. We had CST's though. I tried and that should be enough." I've had a breakdown about 4 times in that class, just solely because I tried my goddamn fucking hardest to do the assignments and he didn't approve or said I did the assignment wrong. He could have at least showed me what I was doing wrong.

Onto the students.. I avoided the 'swaggie' kids as much as possible but I was stuck with most of them in multiple classes. I only had a problem with the ones in my fourth period as mentioned before. I'm a quiet person in class and if I ever say pretty much anything, they call me out on it. I hated almost every student in that class. I fought back, yes, but I can't hold an argument for too long before I need to stop talking before I start breaking down. I'm pretty much done with my school.

If you took time out of your day to read the rantings of some random kid on the internet, thanks I guess.
June 18th, 2013 at 09:21pm