New kitten | College gal' probs

HOLY COW GUYS I GOT A KITTEN. I've had many cats in my lifetime, but this kitten is by far the best cat I've ever had. EVAR. He's absolutely presh, and I'm not over-exaggerating. He's the perfect little cuddler (which is a big deal, since I love to cuddle), and he looooooves to play at times (which is a big deal, because I'm very easily amused by cats, especially when they chase their own tail). He doesn't give a shit how you hold him, either. As soon as you pick him up he starts purring so loud, it's adorable. I could be holding him upside down by his back legs and he'd still be happy as fuck! Cats are so wonderful!

Anyway, I figured I'd share a photo since I'm dedicating (half of) a blog to him!


This is us a couple of days after I got him!

His name is Phillip Anselmo (after the singer of Pantera) and he makes me happy. I should just be a cat lady.


So, I can't enroll for my next semester of college because I'm on academic probation :/

And before you think, "what a lazy bum, she can't pass her classes," stfu because I'm only on academic probation because:
I started a semester with only one online class (my first semester of college) and I kept forgetting to get online and take the tests. Which sounds stupid, but it's incredibly easy to forget to do it. You only know this if you've ever had to take an online class. Anyway, I wound up making a low "D" in the class, which dropped my GPA because it was the only class I was taking that semester.

Now, I have a hold on my account and I can't enroll until I talk to First Year Experience and have them lift the hold for me. TOO BAD IT'S FUCKING SUMMER AND THERE'S NOBODY IN THAT OFFICE.

Oh well, it's my own fault anyway. I need to stop trying to blame the CASE building workers and blame myself. I'm the one that procrastinated and never went in to get the hold lifted, and now I'm the one who can't enroll until the semester starts back up and people are in the office. Aaaand I'll be stuck in stupid classes, because all of the good ones will have already been taken.

Booooooo on life.
June 19th, 2013 at 09:18am