Ten Sexiest People / Things I Love in Stories / Things I Hate in Stories

So this is going to be a jam-packed journal, so let's get started.


How am I going to limit this to ten people, omg.

Okay, UN:

1. Alexander Skarsgard
He is so yummy. I loved him since day one of True Blood. When he was all buff arms, and long hair. He was hot then and he's hot now. I can't believe he might be dating Ellen Page. Like the girl from the sitter, Ellen Page [green underwear] is not hot.

2. Ezra Miller
Him in we need to talk about kevin omggggg

3. Dylan O'Brien

4. Ryan Gosling

5. Aaron Johnson
Him in Savages. Nough said.

6. Elizabeth Grant or Lana del Rey
She is beautiful, and I love her. Enough said.

7. Jennifer Lawrence
She's like perf to da perf.

8. Jemima Kirke
I love her, she's so pretty.

9. Mindy Kaling
I love how she loves her body and I think that's super sexy

10. Lena Dunham
Again, acceptance of body and not afraid of her own skin amaze balls


1. First Person These days I very rarely anything that's not written in first person, unless its a published book. Sometimes third person can sound sooooo monotonous and boring. So I like first person narratives.

2. Relatable Characters This I see more in published books but characters that have mannerisms similar to my own or think like me makes me happy. Like if a character's talking about weight and is just like I'm not impressing anybody so I'm gonna eat ten tacos and be happy as through the stomach pains. Like yesssss. This leads me to...

3. Realistic Portrayals of Struggles I love when disorders, diseases, mental states are portrayed correctly. When a character is struggling with appearances but its not their whole life. Like waking up in the morning, okay my hair looks like shit but I still gotta get through this day. Sometimes things rule your life but sometimes they don't.

4. Parental Units I love when parents are there and not just there to be like 'I'm going on vacation for a year' I love when they forbid their child from seeing someone or grounds them for doing something or better yet shows up at school when the kid gets in a fight.

5. Faults and Personality Flaws I love when a character is selfish, or tells lies, or is self absorbed, or only cares about appearances because that's how a lot of teens are and people always make those type of people the enemies in stories like they're bad. Sometimes the faulted characters are the most relatable and they need to be written about more.

6. Pretty Layouts I know its superficial but I love a good layout, I think its important. But its more important if they're legible.

7. Titles that are Relevant When I finish a story and the title was actually significant or had some meaning and I figure it out I'm just like YESSSSS.

8. Romantic Scenes I love intense romantic scenes. Not just kissing and having sex and stuff but actual feelings. Like that moment when the one character is telling the other they do have feelings for them and they have to figure out where to go from there and stuff. I love that.

9. Friendships I love romances that involve friendships first.

10. Length, depth, and effort This is really important to me. I like to see that the author thought through the plot, is actually working at keeping the grammar decent, and the length consistent. Either consistently long or short. I like when details match up.


1. Stereotypes Any kind really. Dumb blondes. Stupid, horny jocks. Mystery boy in the leather jacket with the motorcycle. Geeks that only know things. I like well rounded characters that have more depth than their identifier.

2. Layouts Too many colors, colors that clash, backgrounds that don't match, or any color background that is white or subtly off-white is a no for me.

3. Punctuating Dialogue Incorrectly I hate when dialogue is written incorrectly, I refuse to read a story if they're doing it wrong

4. Arranged Marriages/Anything with Vamps Twilight killed vampires for me, and arranged marriages are just so unrealistic.

5. Unrealistic characters Beauty that's unwarranted. Like super skinny but doesn't play sports, eat crap, it doesn't happen often that girls with great skin, great hair, and great bods don't have to do anything but eat crap to get it. Characters that are perfect, perfect hair, perfect life, perfectly rich.

6. Speaking like Robots I hate when dialogue doesn't sound realistic.

7. Switching tenses Unless you're talking in the present and referencing to the past you shouldn't be switching tenses.

8. Ugly names There's a lot of things I won't read because of the names. I despise names like Rain, Night, Sky, Blue. Just no.

9. Wordy More for fantasies, but when it starts out and its just ALLLLL information.

10. Plagiarism I won't stand for it.

Feel free to share your opinions on any of the above!

Stay awesome.
June 20th, 2013 at 10:28pm