A simple donation I made.

Today I went to see if I had $10 to go to gym. I looked in my wallet and saw all I had was $1.50. I was about to get disappointed, I was about to swear because I really wanted to go, but I didn't have 10 dollars. But I couldn't get mad, instead I stood there for a moment looking at what I had. Then I started getting excited, I had $1.50... My own money... What could I do with it? What could I get? The possibilities started going through my head, like a bag of lollies or a small bottle of water, I was really thirsty. I asked mum if we could go to the corner shop so I could use it as I didn't really need it and so we did. I walked in to spend the one dollar fifty I had with me, I walked in and saw a little tub with "donations" it wasn't too filled, but there was a good amount in it. I went to ask the guy behind the counter how much a certain lolly was, instead I ended up taking another glance back at the tub and came out with "I'm just here to put this in here." And I put the money in the tub, I went to leave and the guy had a massive smile on his face, as I was walking out he yelled out to me, and thanked me with so much excitement I couldn't start to describe it. Once I got outside I looked through the window and saw him tipping the money onto the counter and counting it out coin by coin, still with so much excitement and joy.

This isn't to say go give your money away, or try and make people see I did something nice, but instead to see that the little problems we have in life, like not being able to do something, get something, or not having much money isn't really a problem if we have no real use or need for it. Before thinking about any one else, I thought about myself. I thought "what can I get." and today really hit me that you don't need to have possession of anything you want to make yourself happy. Instead seeing the smile on a man's face because he got $1.50 made me so much more happier than anything I could have bought with that money, and it really goes to show that money cannot buy happiness like kindness can. I have no idea what the money was for, and I don't really care, but it made him happy and that makes me happy. It's really not hard to give a little and help someone else out before yourself.
June 21st, 2013 at 03:28pm