Graphic requests? + Give me lots of recs!

So for the longest time, making a graphic design website has been something I've wanted to do. Just a place for everyone to come and show off what they make, compete in design challenges, feature some tutorials, and offer requests, and just be an awesome group of people. During the last few weeks I've really been thinking about it, and so I finally did it!

I'd really like if any of you who love to design things or request things or even just chat with others to come join! I'm not completely finished adding forums and topics yet (I've got quite a bit more to go as it's really time consuming), but I'm hoping to have it all updated and running within the next week. Also, if you're really interested, I could probably use some help keeping it going so I'd be willing add some extra moderators to the site. ^.^

Today, I'm hoping to get the galleries up and running, add a few challenges that members can enter in, and get the request forum set up.

Anyway, if you're interested, here's the link to the site!

Also, if you have any banner requests, shoot me a PM with all the details and I'll try to help out! I've really been wanting more practice!

Okay, on to the recs.

I've really been wanting to read more on Mibba lately! I've got a couple stories I need to comment on from my last rec blog but I want more! So rec me anything and everything - as much as you want! Your stories, other peoples' stories, poems, articles, whatever! I'm even interested in checking out summaries of things you have in the works. I only ask no fanfiction because I'm not really interested in most fandoms. UNLESS it's something like Game of Thrones, True Blood, or Walking Dead. Or video games like RDR or Fallout. I'll accept those kind of fics.

I can't guarantee a comment, but I guarantee I'll at least check it out!
June 25th, 2013 at 12:03am