30 Day Blog Challenge; Day One

Day One: List 20 random facts about yourself

1) I have a cat named Smokey.
2) I have three dogs: a black lab named Star, a beagle named Sam, and mixed breed named Chloe.
3) My favorite band changes every day basically.
4) I suffer from severe ADD, which is probably why I rarely complete a story.
5) I also have a turtle named Robert Plant. He's so tiny!
6) Favorite show is Sherlock.
7) My favorite movie is The Avengers.
8) I also suffer from clinical depression.
9) I'm not comfortable in very many environments.
10) I like animals more than people.
11) Martin Scorsese is my favorite director.
12) I used to fight the whole Benedict Cumberbatch thing, but after watching Sherlock I fell into is. He's not really attractive, but at the same time he is. It's confusing.
13) I got an iPhone today, and I'm already addicted to it.
14) I have a plan on how to safely get myself, my computer, and my turtle out of a fire.
15) Tom Keifer is absolutely perfection to me.
16) Duff Mckagan is my birthday twin.
17) I have a huge fascination with eyes.
18) I hate Romeo and Juliet. I think it's the most ridiculous play ever written.
19) However, I do like Hamlet.
20) I'm kind of a hoarder.
June 25th, 2013 at 04:02am