Vampires Are Real!

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The only place I can say this without feeling like I'm going to get ratted out by people I call my "friends". The only place that's completely private from my real world life.

Vampires are very much real. No they don't have pale skin, red eyes or fangs. They don't come out at night or burn in the sun. Vampires are all around us. They are the people we know and those we don't know. They're the reason for you not going to college, dropping your dreams, and basically giving up your life to make them happy. These people are selfish and can't be trusted to care about your happiness. Sometimes they only want the here and now to destroy and leave you up the creek without a paddle. Other times they will claim that they are in it for the long run, but they're just too selfish to let you go.

Signs of a Vampire:
- clingy
- hate when you do things without them
- push you to be social, but become anti-social when you make your own friends
- hold things over your head
- will give you an ultimatum, most of the time it will be in the form of them or your happiness, not in those words so much, but that's essentially what they mean
- nonsupporting of your dreams
- says they'll do bad things if you leave them, to themselves or you(guilt tripping)
- blames everything on you, won't own up to their own short comings
- can't talk to you seriously without getting pissed off, because you don't share the same opinion
- claims that you are being unreasonable
- will never let you go no matter how unhappy you may be
- gets pissed if you don't give into their every whim
- doesn't take to kindly to "no"
- refuses to grow up and do something with their life
- expects you to provide for them till death do you part

Side note: Mind you, I've been through all of this and am still going through this, and I think I'm making it more difficult than it is, but I'm so confused these days I barely know what to do about anything.
June 26th, 2013 at 04:51am