10 Things I Would Tell My 14 Year Old Self

Since I'm 16 now I'm tweaking it to 14 oops. Anyway, day 4 of this.

1. You do like women. No, you're not a lesbian, you're bi. Stop stressing about it.
2. Cut your hair short NOW. It looks 1000x better on you.
3. Don't wear band shirts all your freshmen year because you think you look cool, you actually look like an idiot wearing them 24/7.
4. Keep in contact with your middle school friends because you'll miss them as time goes on.
5. Be yourself in every situation instead of trying to fit in; you'll get more friends and more popularity being your goofy self anyway.
6. Learn guitar! You'll regret not taking those lessons.
7. Do NOT start dating Sarah. She'll end up ruining your life for 2 years and counting. Stay the hell away.
8. Spend more time with grandma. Her health really deteriorates and you'll regret it.
9. Don't get yourself kicked out of the house. Swallow your pride and take what's coming to you so you'll get to see your dad.
10. Get help for your depression NOW. Don't you dare wait because it'll end up biting you in the ass and put you at risk for your own life.

Yep, I should have done a lot different, but hey that's okay. I'm who I am today because of everything that's happened.
June 26th, 2013 at 09:05pm