30 Day Blog Challenge; Day Three

Day Three: Describe your relationship with your parents

My father and I are pretty tight. We're very different though, and that's what keeps us from being able to discuss a lot of things like politics. My father is pretty conservative, and I am very liberal. As you can imagine, when the conversation turns to politics things can get ugly. A lot of the fights we've gotten into have been about politics, because a lot of the time he just kind of acts like my point is irrelevant because it's not the same as his. Other than that we have a pretty good relationship. He's always there for me when I need someone to lean on, which is more often than not.

My mom and I have a rocky relationship. On one hand she's probably one of my best friends. She's never judged me for anything I've ever done. We can share almost anything between the two of us. However, we fight over my depression. She doesn't think it's depression. She thinks that I've got a bad attitude, but things I've done or thought of doing can't be caused by an attitude problem. I've even had a school counselor tell me that she thinks I'm clinically depressed, but my mom just really fights the idea.

All in all my relationship with my parents isn't so bad. We have our issues, but who doesn't?
June 27th, 2013 at 04:37am