So, apparently, I am now in love with Chris Motionless.

Shit, tis no bueno on the overies.

I'm going to be seeing Motionless In White at Mayhem Festival this weekend so I decided that I'd have a little listen to them, just to sample their sound, and it turned into endless hours of that man and his angelic voice ripping apart my heart. I had no idea what I was up against and (despite my better judgement) I googled their pretty faces. That was the worst thing I could have ever done and it's something I never want to regret. That man is like a younger and way hotter version of Marilyn Manson! Naturally I'd be talking about the version I fell in love with and swore to marry at the age of six.... Otherwise it'd be weird.

Also! The man is like a hotter version of Davey Havok as well.

Seriously though, someone in the universe did something right when they made that sexy beast, what the hell were his parents thinking when he was conceived?! I can't even begin to wonder, it's too hard, it's like I'm high off of his entire being! Sunday cannot come soon enough, lemme tell ya that now, I am literally counting the days. I just want him to touch my face in a non creepy way. I also would very much like to touch the butt.... In a non creepy way as well.

Geez... I am going to be a puddle of freakish awkwardness at his feet.
June 27th, 2013 at 06:51am