Cheaters deserve each other.

This is currently stemming from the fact that I won't be speaking to my uncle for a very long time. He cheated on my aunt (has been) and so she's now packing up her things. It's not just my aunt who's gearing up to leave, it's my cousins too, it fucking sucks. I have to say goodbye to the dogs and it's not something I want to do.

Honestly, I fucking hate this situation, no one deserves to be cheated on. My uncle has this loving woman who does everything he asks of her and he's gone and thrown it all away for some bitch on the side! He's the biggest fucking hypocrite I know, seeing as he was cheated on in his first marriage, and I'm disgusted by his actions. My aunt has been in love with him since they were children and marrying him was a dream come true to her. They haven't even been married for two years!

My heart is aching for her and I don't think that she's the one who should be leaving the house. I think it's my uncle who needs to get the fuck out because this house is owned by her own aunt. I realize that I shouldn't be taking sides but I think this is complete bullshit. My aunt doesn't deserve any of this, she's such a wonderful person, she's like a second mom to me and is always there for me when I need her. She's always there for everyone and they always manage to walk all over her.

I won't see her for a long while, won't see my cousins, and I don't know what to say to her. Sorry is such an overused word and I don't want to say goodbye. I think the worst part of all this is that my aunt had confronted this woman a year ago and still stayed with my uncle after he swore he'd break off the relationship. She went and saw her last night and her decision to leave was made up. I guess I can't exactly blame her for wanting to get out of what was supposed to be her first and only marriage (her words, not mine).

What is the point of cheating on your partner? Why do people feel the need to hurt people in that way? I seriously feel like these are questions that will never be answered because of different peoples different responses. I don't want anything to do with these kinds of people and I don't want them in my life. They're disgusting and they all deserve each other.
June 27th, 2013 at 08:19pm