Blog Request, Story Review♥

This is a blog request, I read stories and blog about them so they are more recognized and get more feedback.

The author of these two stories I read is, g h o s t.

> Don't Wake Me Up <

This was so great to me I don't even know where to begin! The writing was so detailed and beautiful. I felt as though this girl was bursting with need to get to this boy. It was as if she was actually talking to me and it kept me reading so intently. The only negative thing I can say is, some sentences were really long. Almost run on sentences. But I kind of think that only added on to her urgent need to run to her desired boy in her dream.

I also really adore the layout, it isn't too distracting. But describes the story well.

For those of you who haven't read, I highly recommend. Especially if you're a hopeless romantic. I subscribed.


> Feral <

This was a sexy piece of work. I really like your way of writing. It literally is like your speaking to me. I was getting hotter and hotter with every line.

It was tasteful, but fucking dirty all the same. I wasn't smothered by the idea of sexual activity but it also got me going. I love the ending too. Its dramatic.

I recommend!


Here are the links to g h o s t's stories. For anyone who would like to read them, feel free to comment and let g h o s t know what you think! I know I am note only one with an opinion (;


Don't Wake Me Up.

If anyone would like me to review their story and blog about it, message me the link.
June 28th, 2013 at 07:55am