Two truths and a lie/ My aunt is crying upstairs.

So... Let's just start this off with the first part of that title. It's time to figure out my truths and lie! Yeah, good luck with that, let's just get started. Guess away my dear friends! Guess correctly to receive a reward!

1. I still sleep with a stuffed toy I've had since I was a kid.
2. I'm quite allergic to onions.
3. I have a cat named Norman Bates.

Now... Let's move on to the subject of my family, mainly my aunt, because it's falling apart. The other day, I'm guessing Wednesday, my aunt found that my uncle had been having an affair with some bitch he met on Facebook. This isn't a new problem and it's something she caught a year ago, just a little while after they got married, so the fact that he continued on with it is stupid. She confronted the other woman back then and she confronted her now. I'm not saying that she's a bitch just because she's been sleeping with my uncle, I have a reason to call her a fucking bitch, I'm saying it because my aunt had gone to her before all of this and yet she still continues to be his number two. It's completely selfish of the both of them because they continued to hurt my aunt.

I mean, yeah, my aunt could have left him right away but, here's the thing, she's been in love with my uncle since she was EIGHT YEARS OLD. She's known him for their entire lives and has waited for him to be the one she married. Yeah, they've seen other people before they met up again (they hadn't seen each other for eleven years before they met at my eighth grade graduation) but I think that's besides the fucking point. She'd held on to hope that she'd see him again and when she did she was blown away! Their wedding day came and went and this was what she got out of it, the man of her dreams cheated.

She spent some time crying upstairs, in their room, after she'd finished moving everything she had to her sisters house. I didn't know what to do. My grandma is heartbroken and just told me that she wants to die because her boys can't get their shit together and my aunt left me her dogs before she left because she can't take them with her (her sister hates them). I need to get out of here, my uncle has just dug his own grave, and I need to find a proper home for these two. We can't stay somewhere she wouldn't be allowed to see them.

I may very well have to work harder and move somewhere that'll allow these little punks. So, to recap, my family is fucked, I have two more mouths to feed, I need to pic up my comic books (shit), I'll be seeing Rob Zombie on Sunday and I might have to move in with a friend. Awesome.
June 28th, 2013 at 10:03pm