I just finished my sophomore year of high school... and god was it horrible at points. This year I have gone through 45 days absent or more all because I am a medical wreck. In my freshman year my friend had a heart problem and died in school. The next month I got sick in school and freaked out and have now developed a mild case of anxiety from it. After getting sick for two weeks in February and then two weeks in March, we found out I have Gastritis which is the build up of gas in your abdomen. Then I got sick for 6 weeks straight and lost 30 pounds, thats when we found out I have Neuro Reticular Vestibular Syndrome which is the loss of your balance nerve, I lost 35% of the balance nerve in my right ear so I have a balance and motion problem which has most likely gone away since we are weening me off my Meds and I am doing amazing. After all that my parents and I went to California for 2 weeks and I got to meet Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and Shanna Malcom from YouTube, that was the best summer ever. Then my sophomore year started and I got sick once again. 25-30 absences later, during January of 2013 I was diagnosed with Gastroparysis which is the paralization of the stomach. I was then sick again after being put on Meds and now have 45+ absences just during the 10th grade. In March I was put on home instruction so I could catch up on school and then went back to school June 20th. Since then I have yet to get sick since I was put onto a much better medication than what I was on and I have felt so much better. That is my crazy start to high school.
June 29th, 2013 at 05:47am