I Got 99 Problems and a B...H is one.♥ (R a n t)

You know that feeling when you just have so many thoughts and they're just screaming to escape from your mind?

That's what I'm having right now.

You see, writing is such a stress reliever for me. And if you're reading this right now I am so terribly sorry. Because this will make your eyes bleed.

Right now, life has dealt me a pretty shitty hand. And its all my fucking fault. Its my fault for being a rebellious teenager. I am moved back in with my parents, after so many months with my aunt. Why? Because I decided one night, while in a drunken state, to just not come home. I said, fuck you world, I am NOT coming back. Well, at 3:00 in the morning, I did. And it all went downhill from there.

On top of that, that very special night, I did something with someone and now my monthly gift is late. Which is a big problem. Because the guy is not my boyfriend, but a fwb. Just a guy I have a mutual agreement with, a booty call. We've been friends since the sixth grade, but it is nothing like a romance. I don't want to be tied down at all and I sure as hell know he doesn't.

Also, I am planning moving out in October. But, I need a job. And without a car its hard to keep one. No money equals no moving out, no schooling or anything. No money means I have to sit my ass here. I don't even have a phone at the moment.

For a girl like me that's pure torture.

I hate to be disconnected from the outside world.

But if this is some huge ass test life has decided to give me, Ill take it.

Because I'm strong.
June 29th, 2013 at 09:28am