things I like. (July edition)

This month started out nice for me.

Like, my makeup brushes came in the mail a day earlier before the expected week with some bomb extras in there for free. I also was able to buy a replacement charger for my mac at a higher wattage for only 16 bucks. (Which is a steal since MacBook Air chargers sell for 80.)

So yeah. Expect more selfies now I can fix my fucked up face.

Anyway, that's not the main reason of this blog. I would like to share my favorite everything with you guys. So stay tune, you might be in it.


My City (Macklemore) by little sparrow

Over the Sea(Louis Cole) by breezes.

Blurred Lines (Isaac Lahey) by isaac lahey.

Treading Slowly(Ziall) by AHLICE


Half A World Away by AHLICE

Cinnamon Girls by lolita in love

Dead Boys Don't Love by ladyschrei

Looper by Dilligence

Girl Behavior by unapalomayunaflor

Facade by g h o s t

Hum by semolina


Emma by Jane Austen

Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell


Go by Delilah

Bleak Love by the Cabin Sisters. (Fans of the show Girls will love this!)

Home & Consonance by Tropics

Cinnababy by Delilah

Acapella by Karmin

Power Trip by J.Cole [feat. Miguel]


Miles Above Reality


Shades of Grey (Upcoming work for this JulNoWriMo)
My tumblr

...I think that's it.

bye! ❤
July 2nd, 2013 at 04:17am