The New Journal Rules.

Don't like them? Go hang out somewhere else instead of bashing them right here. People need to stop fucking complaining. It could be worse. The whole Journal Section could have been easily shut down by the shit your fellow mibbians pulled. Every rule out here was justified because some mibbian decided to push the limit. So, don't complain to the 'power-hungry authority'. Complain to your fellow journal-makers. The ones that went too far and got you the damn rule.

I'm so sick of people blaming The admins/mods. We didn't start fights on the journals. We didn't push our limits. We're doing what we were asked to do. After four separate fights in roughly three days, something had to be done. Sorry if you're so fucking upset. Deal with it. We didn't do it to you. Your fellow mibbians did it to yourselves.

So, next time you want to 'rebel', remember the only thing you're rebelling against is your own friends.
September 5th, 2007 at 08:56am