My best friend is, quite literally, a dog.

His name is Snickers and, if you've ever read my blogs before, you'll notice that I've mentioned him on the few occasions that involve my aunt and uncle splitting up? SPOILER ALERT: They aren't getting a divorce. Yeah, my uncle called my aunt up and wants to make it all work out. This is his second marriage and he has decided that he doesn't want it to fail. He's apparently wanting to do whatever it takes to last and I guess it's safe to admit that I'm slightly proud of him.

So, back to the topic at hand, my aunt has these two little dogs (Snickers and Twix) that I love to pieces. They obviously love me as well but the one who shows me the most respect and attention is my Snickers. He'll stay up late with me, eat with me, play with me and likes to knock (scratch) on the bathroom door if I'm taking a shower so I'll rush out to hang with him. It's adorable and I love it. He's is my very best friend and I would do anything for him. I mean, yeah, he's not my amazing cat but I still have a lot of love for him.

OH! I went and saw Rob Zombie last night and it was FANTASTIC! I also got to meet Motionless in White an turned into mush before them. Butcher Babies was amazing, I was up front until I got elbowed by some chick, and got them to sign their new album for me. They are the sweetest band and the love they have for their fans is amazing!

Today I got bit by Dude's red tailed boa and I let her cling on till she was content enough with me to let go. Yeah, trying to yank her off wouldn't have been a good thing. I could have hurt her so I let her be and it was an interesting experience.
July 2nd, 2013 at 08:08am