Happy 4th! + Story recs + Questions

Hope everyone is having a lovely 4th of July! I've been looking forward to this day for a while. Unfortunately my plans have been spoiled because of family arguments and my best friend having to work late. But otherwise it's going okay and luckily we saw some fireworks yesterday.

And well, it seems a lot of people's plans are going to be spoiled now, seeing as there was just a huge, blinding flash of lightning and really, really loud thunder right as was typing that last sentence. And now it's starting to rain. Fortunately it's nice and warm out though. What a nice summer storm! :D

I've not been doing much today - just sitting around, playing Dragon Age Origins and contemplating writing. I've been thinking about making a story/author rec blog because of all the great things I've read as a result of rec blogs I've posted previously, so I think I might do that tonight.

So, if you've got stories to recommend - please do so! They may end up on the list!

As for my own story whoring, I'd really love if everyone would check out and give me some feedback on my new summer story, Dark Paradise. ^-^

Oh my, I think I'll wrap this blog up seeing as the power just shut off for a few seconds and I think it's about to flash flood now. All the kids outside who were doing fireworks just started screaming because it's raining and hailing so hard.

On to the questions:

What are your fourth of July plans?
Do you have any stories to recommend?
Any fun summer plans?

Anyway, have a wonderful fourth!
July 5th, 2013 at 01:34am