top 10 favourite books: #7 Skin Deep (Laura Jarratt)

At 7 is a truly heart warming book. Jenna was involved in a tragic car accident, killing her best friend and severely burning Jemma's face. Her life is a jumble of uncomfortable glances in the street, cruel comments in the class room and endless visits to the hospital. It lookes like life is always going to be and endless misery, until a traveller called Ryan comes into her life. Confident, attractive and charming, Ryan appears to be the answer to all her prayers; but is he really all he seems? When a murder is committed and Ryan is the prime suspect, Jenna has to chose between what she's always wanted or a life of insecurity and pain.

It's really well written and the characters are perfectly portrayed. I recommend it to literally everyone above the age of 12. initially it's meant for teenagers but I recon that even your mum would enjoy it! 8/10
July 7th, 2013 at 10:13pm