So, I've quit doing to blog challenge because I'm incredibly lazy. Sorry about that for anybody that was actually reading it. Anyway, there's not a whole lot going on right now. I'm probably gonna spend what remains of my summer writing. Here's what gonna happen with with that:

First of all, I am going to finish Addicted to Chaos. That should happen within the next week since me and Anna have pretty much got that planned out. She's been helping me out with it a lot. I've also decided that whoever Roxanne doesn't end up with, I can't tell you guys who she does end up with because then you would have no purpose in reading, would get their own story as well. A spin off if you will.

Then, I'm going to work on Never Let Me Go. which I don't think is gonna be very long. I haven't really planned much into it. It'll probably be between ten and fifteen chapters.

I'm gonna start either a Nikki Sixx or Tom Keifer (of Cinderella for those of you who aren't familiar with him) story. I've got some ideas for both.

Between this I will start on the sequel for Addicted to Chaos and I will start on the spin off.

Plus, I've still got stories with Bacon I need to work on.

Yes, I actually plan on doing all of this. Why? Because I have no life. Once I start school I won't be on as much, but until then I've got nothing but time!

I love you guys and I appreciate that support.
July 9th, 2013 at 08:37am