Since everyone seems to be doing these, I thought I'd join in and recognize some of my favorite stories! Some haven't been updated in forever(unfortunately), but I still wanted to add them to this list. Also, some haven't even begun yet but I'm really looking forward to them so I decided to add them as well. Feel free to leave one of your own in the comments for me to check out. I'm always looking for more to read :))

Every time I update this I'll re-rec it.

1. We Were Birds by towers
2. Wildflowers by satellite mind.
3. Tallulah. by sempiternal;
4. Silver Springs by maesaysdance
5. Four Petals by alexandra.
6. Hot Zone 6.6 by saeglopur
7. Worthy To Think The World Of by lovely youth
8. Love for the Romantically Disabled by
9. Pearl by maesaysdance
10. Where the Wind Takes Us by swell
11. Ellis Island by saeglopur
12. Defiance by colour me perfect.
13. Finding Sloane Winters Crazy by voidoids
14. Saving Sloane Winters by voidoids
15. Finding Atlas by vices
16. Project 11 by alexandra.
17. Home by Charlie Sheen
18. Cheated Hearts by maesaysdance
19. The Introvert's Guide to World Domination by
20. Fin by toujours pur
21. Boys & Things by bilinski
22. Eli Krauss & the Starry Eyed Girl by maesaysdance
23. Eloquence by satellite mind.
24. The Symmetries of Salem by colour me perfect.
25. Winterhaven by pelican park.
26. My Girl by Diligence
27. Deer Boy by lungsmoke
28. A Rose by the Shore by nedfrid.
29. Kian by dawn of light
30. The Slaughter by will graham
31. The Pursuit of Sarah Alice by sparrrrrow
32. I Will Wait by sempiternal;

1. The Art of Deflowering by swell
2. Cracks In Anchors by seouldone.
3. Any Lighter by vices
4. Sunrise by swell
5. We'll Be a Dream by onewritestand
6. Memories by waves
7. Telescope Eyes by liar's lane.
8. Dance with a Devil by pelican park.
July 14th, 2013 at 05:07pm