What is a true fan?

Over the past two hours I've seen people basically just complaining over other people not being "true fans".

Like many people know Avenged Sevenfold released a single, Hail to the King, from their coming album Hail to the King. Some people, including myself, didn't really like the song. Apparently I and the other people who didn't like it, are not true fans. How does that even work?

Just because a person don't like one song by a band/artist does not mean that they dislike the band. I don't dislike Avenged Sevenfold, I could never do that because they're one of my favorite bands. But I dislike the song. That's two different things.

I can give you another example. I like Bullet For My Valentine but I don't like Tears Don't Fall Part 2. Does that make me a fake fan?

So what is a true fan 'cause I don't know. According to everyone you have to know exactly everything about the band members or the artist's private life and you have to like exactly everything they do.

It's not like that. I think a true fan likes the band's/artist's music. They don't have to like everything but you like their music in general. You don't have to know a shit about the band, of course it's more fun to know where they're from etc., because it's not the knowledge you have about the band/artist that matters!

And if you happen to dislike 1 or 5 songs by the band/artist that's okay! Because everyone can't like everything.

I think some people exaggerate or make up things to because when you say "I don't like -insert song here-" it seems like everyone else thinks that you're saying "I don't like -insert song here- and -insert band here- fucking sucks. They should make better music. They fucking suck." Exaggerate much?

One more thing that's important. People has to be able to say their opinions without other people judging them as bad people, fake fans etc. I don't say that you have to say your opinion in a rude kind of way but if someone says "I think Avenged Sevenfold has changed their sound in the wrong direction. The classic rock style don't suit them at all."(quoted from me earlier woop woop) other people should let that person say that without even comment the shit. People take other people's opinions way too seriously.

Equality. One person says one thing and another person says something else and no one has the right to tell one person that they're wrong. That's why it's called opinions. People think different.

So if someone dislikes Hail to the King or if someone dislikes your favorite band, let them. Instead of complaining on them you should concentrate on how much you love Hail to the King or your favorite band. In the end, if you love something/someone other people's opinions shouldn't matter. That's what I've learned and that's exactly why I don't get offended when someone says my favorite band sucks. Think about that.

July 15th, 2013 at 11:06pm