little miss obvious;'s Appreciation Blog! + Rec Your Stories (Free Comments)

Appreciation blogs are awesome, don't you think? Because you get to meet a new person on Mibba, read some new writing material, and make a good friend. I get excited to do these things man, it's kickass.

little miss obvious; has very rightfully earned one of these for placing fourth in my recent contest. She has been on Mibba for about a year and has contributed in many ways! She loves reading horror, fluff, and slash, usually band fanfiction, YouTube fanfiction, and original fiction. (Read at the bottom how you can rec her stories.)


You're My Favorite Explosion is an All Time Low fanfiction one-shot in which Jack Barakat's little brother, Colin, gets with Alex Gaskarth. The taboo concerning the story is Colin's age at the time he and Alex start dating. Another point of conflict is the douchebag attitude Alex puts up when he's around Colin before they both admit their true feelings.

Two-thirds of Marcee's story entries (only has three actually) are Late Nite Reading fanfiction. There's not much of it on Mibba, so if you're a fan of that band, definitely read her stories and friend her for updates!

If You Knew I Was Dying, Would It Change You and Our Conclusion star the pairing of Dalton Wixom and Brady Szuhaj. If you read these stories (as well as the one above them), you'll see her specialty is clearly angst with a touch of fluff for a happy ending.

Marcee really is just a good writer, and I have very high standards. She is marvelous in her choice of words, in portraying her characters, and building on her plot. As icing on top of the cake, her spelling and grammar is literally spotless. Marcee is definitely going to have plenty of fans in the future.


Missing Pieces, “[But] they think they know something, and that's enough.”
Him., “I needed you, but you couldn't get over yourself quite enough to accept it.”


Okay, earlier in the year, Marcee attended Warped Tour, yay! And she did this awesome thing where she let Mibbians who couldn't go to Warped send her emails with letters to give to several bands. Make sure to keep up with her blog so you don't miss out on your next opportunity!


Slash of any type, any rating, and any genre. She's willing to give you a comment!
July 20th, 2013 at 01:32am