Comment swap and cat bath.

So I'd like to put up a comment swap for slightly longer stories. It seems like most people swap for one shots or shorter stories but I'm sure there is someone who'd like to swap for slightly longer stories. I'm going to put up my story Risking Heartbreak and its about 11,000 words so I'd like to keep this swap open for stories up to 12,000ish words. I don't care if its original fiction or fanfiction just as long as it isn't slash, femeslash, or incest. My only other request is that you comment first.

My mom bathed her cat today and it was hilarious. This cat loves water and was in desperate need of a bath to control her hairballs so that bath wasn't bad. After the bath was when it got hilarious. This cat is so loud. She meows over everything and she likes to try and groom our other cats and us while she meows. Some of the sounds she made were priceless and next time I'm going to have a camera ready!
July 22nd, 2013 at 01:34am