My cat is my soul mate.

Me and my cat seem to have the same personality, certain things will tick us off, our tempers are extremely short... We were obviously made for each other.

I am saying this because of a certain friend, the friend who gave me my cat, and the fact that she's currently bugging the hell outta me. She's involved herself in almost everything I post on Facebook and I am SO close to deleting her from my life. I posted a photo album dedicated to Tom Hiddleston and she had to make a comment that flat out called him ugly. That's completely rude and offensive to me because I'm not exactly going to go ahead and turn around and call her man ugly when she posts pictures of him every fucking week.

Another post I made, something about my dislike towards children, had her commenting out of shock. She asked if I disliked her child as well and, I mean, I was nice enough to not even reply! Don't take this the wrong way, Mibba, I do like kids. I just have issues with them and cannot see myself having them and my patience with them tends to be extremely low. She knows my feeling towards children yet she still tries to convince me to love her little spawn. I don't work like that, lady.

Funniest part, to me, is that my cat feels the same way towards kids. She will also attack you if you manage to say something to offend her (she's not stupid, she knows when people are talking shit) and will NEVER allow you to touch her again. The attitude problem extends to whether or not you manage to hurt or offend me as well. The proof in this lies with the incident we had with my dad this past Baby Jesus Day (when he made me cry after making JOKES about feeding her to the German Sheppard). She attacked him after the tears started flowing and still refuses to allow him to pet her.

I dunno... I hold grudges and my Two Face does the same. They say that pets take after their owners, right? Because my cat, obviously, takes after me. I like to think that she's the version of my that I'd like to be, the one without restrictions, she's blunt and to the point.

Geez. My cat is a badass.
July 22nd, 2013 at 10:49am